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ggggvcdgggg Acai berry was first used by the aboriginal tribes of Amazon jungle as energetic stirrer for hunting and as source of sexual energy !

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Goji berries makes you smile. They have been eaten for centuries and are nicknamed "happy berries" because of the sense of wellbeing they are said to induce!


Guarana is used traditionally to enhance energy levels. Traditionally Brazillan use Guarana seed to treat headaches, fever, aphrodisiac, bacterial infections etc.


Maca is used by men and by women who want to put more fire into their sex lives. Today, maca's popularity is very much on the increase, as people discover that the plant really does boost libido, sexual function and overall energy!


Maqui berry contains the highest level of antioxidants amongst all fruits. ORAC score (anti-oxidant value) of approximately 27,600 per 100mg compared to banana's 813.